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Several local User Groups have chosen TechMeetup.Space as their home. Why? Well, not only do we solve a travel problem for their group’s members, making it easy to arrive, we also provide consistency in location so everyone knows where they are going, and our support team have the venue ready and enjoyable for attending audiences.

Our support team are also working behind the scenes to ensure that the attending audience is of the quality and skill intended which makes the networking in-person even more powerful; an immersive software engineering experience.

Lastly, we’re a plug and play type of venue - the User Group’s speaker comes, plugs in and gets on with presenting, whilst the cameras are streaming and recording, the beers are chilled, the pizza is on their way, and the group leader can relax and experience the talks too!

Discover more by checking out the upcoming events of the network's member groups.

TechMeetup.Space - User Group Members

Rust Dublin User Group

If you never heard about Rust (from
Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents nearly all segfaults, and guarantees thread safety. The Rust Dublin Meetup group provides monthly events in for both practicing and wannabe Rustaceans.


Dublin Java User Group

The Dublin Java User Group (aka DubJUG) is a community of software developers who use languages for the JVM in their professional lives.


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