The world of IT development is constantly shifting and organisations now expect their developers to have some level of knowledge everywhere in the stack, ranging from an ‘understanding’ to ‘proficiency’, the latter especially in smaller companies.

Throw in the importance of great design, testing, security and data, there’s a lot to keep in mind. If you’re fortunate to have a diverse job activity, education and the knowledge that it gives, is a great asset for promotion and employability no matter where you are or want to work.

From staple technologies up and down the stack like JavaScript, Java and DotNet, to newbies such as Rust, to areas such as security, big data, AI, our network of User Group’s has you covered.


Situated on O’Connell bridge, our boutique venue is within 3 minutes walk of over 100 Dublin and National bus routes, Red and Green LUAS, Dart / Rail, Dublin Bike stops, meaning wherever you may be coming from or going to, your walk to your public transport stop of choice is painless and quick.

And for those people who are unable to visit in-person, all talks are streamed to watch live and recorded for later viewing.

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