Technology User and Meetup Groups

Tech Meetup Space is a collaborative mix of some of Dublin's best Technology User and Meetup groups that host regular presentations and social nights in Tech Meetup Space. Our premier groups host monthly events, and many more bring their members here bi-monthly and quarterly.

Last year, our footfall was approaching 2000!

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Dublin Java User Group aka DubJUG

Established by Luan O'Carroll and Jake Korab in 2005, DubJug is perhaps Ireland's longest serving User Group. It has run many meetups, social nights, and conferences bringing globally recognised evangelists to Ireland. Starting with the core Java languages, DubJUG now presents on all languages residing in the JVM.

Dublin IPSaaS Meetup Group

If you're a Technology User or Meetup Group Organiser and need a space to host your meetups, please get in touch and discover the benefits of collaborating with Tech Meetup Space.

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